Our Mission

Our business

Since receiving our first exploration concession in 2011, we have been conducting geological surveys in Poland, including drilling of exploratory wells.

To date, Amarante has carried out an intensive exploration program under its exploration concession and has made a significant discovery of copper and silver deposits in the cupriferous shale formation in western Poland.

Nasza działalność - Kompania Górnicza Amarante sp. z o.o.

The mission of our Polish team of experienced geologists and exploration specialists working in liaison with a group of international mining engineers includes:

undertaking targeted exploration in a thoughtful and responsible manner,

applying the best industry practices and technological solutions,

working in partnership with local and regional communities to their benefit,

acting in a transparent and lawful manner,

maintaining consistently high standards of safety and environmental protection.

We respect our environment

We appreciate the hospitality of the local communities in which we work, which is why we are a good neighbor and make every effort to ensure that our activity not a nuisance to the everyday lives of local residents.

One of our priorities is to take care of the environment.

In our work we strictly follow the best industry practices and use the most modern, environmentally sustainable technologies. Upon completion of geological surveys, the site is always carefully reclaimed in order to restore its original appearance.

Our commitment is to discover new, prolific copper and silver deposits in Poland while maintaining the highest international standards of work safety, environmental protection and social involvement.

Kompania Górnicza
AMARANTE sp. z o.o.

Kompania Górnicza Amarante sp. z o.o. is a Polish exploration company based in Kraków-Libertów, operating within the international Electrum Group. Currently, our work focuses on the exploration and development of copper and silver deposits in Lubusz Voivodship.


The Electrum Group is a U.S. based group that has operated in natural resources for over 25 years. Leveraging a global team of experienced technical, operational, and transactional professionals, Electrum invests in precious and base metals assets and companies.
The company is led by Dr. Thomas Kaplan, an internationally-recognized investor and operator in the metals and mining sector.


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